Otway Ranges Large Black Cat

My husband and I were traveling through the Otway Ranges about and hour out of Apollo Bay in November last year when we both saw a large black panther like animal on the side of the road. It leapt up the embankment and into the bush and disappeared. It had a very long sleek erect curled tail, and looked just like a panther. We were both amazed and couldn't believe what we saw,

Is there a big black cat on the Illawarra escarpment?

The tough, almost impenetrable bush of the Illawarra escarpment can play tricks on bushwalkers’ eyes.
Just a few metres from the entrance of a track, visitors can be forgiven for thinking they’ve entered a lost world, devoid of human influence.
A small bird taking to the air can suddenly assault the senses – the noise seeming much greater than that caused by a honeyeater or kingfisher.
It’s this dense scrub that has given rise to myths, such as the Bunyip, Yowie and many ghost stories.
But there’s one persistent story, recently discredited by the state government, that tells of a much more plausible animal lurking in the hills behind the coast.
“‘A cat wouldn’t grow that big and we don’t know of any dog with a tail like that.’”
It is, of course, the tale of the panther, or big cat, said to roam undisturbed stretches of bush throughout the country.
While many dismiss the creature as an oversized moggy, others say it’s the offspring of a panther that escaped from a zoo many years ago.
Other more wild claims suggest it is not a panther at all, but the presumed extinct marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex).
One human encounter with the beast allegedly occurred on the Wodi Wodi track, near Stanwell Park, on December 31, 2012.
Written in black pen, the witness has underlined the word ‘‘danger’’ before going on to detail the sighting.
‘‘Black panther seen + heard on Wodi Wodi track,’’ it reads.
‘‘Mt Mitchell side, size 100kg+, big big cat.’’
Among those who swear by the cat’s existence are Hilltop residents Marg and Mal Hughes.
Mr Hughes has seen giant paw prints on a track north-west of their Southern Highlands property, while Mrs Hughes said she actually witnessed the beast.
‘I was going shopping with a lady down to Wollongong, she’s going on Picton Road and I noticed something big and black standing, looking out of a gate,’’ Mrs Hughes said.
‘‘The main thing I noticed was this long, sweeping black tail and it actually touched the ground.
‘‘It was looking out the gate and it was probably a couple feet tall.’’
Travelling fast on Picton Road, Mrs Hughes and her companion were unable to stop to investigate the sighting further.
She said despite researching breeds of dogs, she had found nothing that could compare with what she’d seen that day.
‘‘I really don’t know what it is,’’ Mrs Hughes said.
‘‘A cat wouldn’t grow that big and we don’t know of any breed of dog with a tail like that.’’
In the  meantime, her husband, a former hunter who has regularly shot and killed feral cats after mistaking their ginger fur for that of a fox, said the paw prints he observed were much too large to be a feral cat.
‘‘I could see five pads, semi-circular, no claw marks and about three inches across,’’ he said.
‘‘I’m 99 per cent convinced there’s a big black cat out there somewhere.
‘‘Maybe there’s more than one because the sightings are a bit spread out.  They’re too frequent.’’
In October last year, a report commissioned by the  state  government attempted to take any legitimacy away from more than 500 eyewitness reports claiming to have spotted the panther.
At the time, the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, said: ‘‘The NSW  government will not commit further expenditure to this issue and, as far as I am concerned, the matter is closed.”
Likewise, a NSW Office of Environment and Heritage spokeswoman  said there was ‘‘no known panther or giant cat population in Royal National Park or the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area’’.
She said feral cats  were prevalent across NSW.
But stories of people claiming to have spotted the beast continue to emerge.
In December last year, Fairfax Media published a map of NSW divided into electorates showing 327 recorded sightings across the state as of March 2013.
While Hawkesbury led the pack with 173, Wollondilly and Kiama both recorded seven, and South Coast recorded one.
Mr Hughes doubted the Illawarra escarpment had sufficient bush to support a large, wild cat.
‘‘It’s a fairly restricted area. Stanwell Tops is at the top and all you’ve got is a steep escarpment and bush running up,’’ he said.
‘‘It’s not a big area of bushland and these things tend to be in more remote areas.
‘‘It’s got to be in a wilderness area – mostly it doesn’t come near where people are.’’
But if Mercury readers are anything to go by, the Illawarra Escarpment is prime big cat territory.
One reader was convinced he’d seen a panther at Stanwell Park.

‘‘I have actually seen one up around Stanwell Park on the railway line on the northern side of the aqueduct there, about  seven years ago,’’ he said.
‘‘I know what a panther looks like and I know I saw one in the late afternoon near the buildings there,  but it wasn’t dark.
‘‘I rang NPWS and they said it would have just been a large cat.  This was not, it was a big, beautiful black panther.’’ source

hi mike The 2 prints belong to the same  Male panther  I have a had   under
 surveillance for 3  years  he has a smaller female companion plus cubs
 of different ages I know what he is  because I ambushed him  in the  car
   headlights l saw him  the  the tracks he left behind perfectly matches the ones I
 sent you I can almost touch this family but sometimes they're like  a needl
 in a haystack 600 m from the town  there is a track for years this  guy
  as left matching tracks on it during the day people are driving from the town
 into the forest over it . during the night my panthers  trot up and down it into
 the town and back into the forest as these are in my experience night predators  near impossible  to get a photograph of them during the day
 the  new photo IM sending is of a larger but  similar marsupial predator
  taken in WA  last year  ( had another black panther  almost photograph inWA
 last year  I know  where he is and all his  habits.  ps this town  is  not the only
  one I know about with  Panthers  on the outskirts  in ####  how do I know
 all this because,  IM a hunter all I they have to do is  turn over a rock or similar and I am onto  them . far as I know they are harmless to us  but deadly
killers  with marsupials  I have some videos  on  their kills how they pluck
 and cleanly gut  koalas Possums . PS  I have a photo showing a  swing out
 thumb  from the black male panther  it shows  he can  climb trees let me know what you think Cheers,

hi mike I am sending you another  photo you will notice  claws  beginning to show
 from the toes on  the left foot  impression  and the candid one on the right as the
claws  come out the foot keeps changing shape. in amongst these impressions
 I have clear-cut photos of him swinging one toe  45° to the rear of the other 3 toes
 there are 4  drill holes  in the mud  from his claws  and the impression of his toes
 I can't send you this photo because I might make money out of it. there is a man in
 MaryBorough  Victoria  who sells a book  titled thylacoleo  is alive  I found everything
 he spoke about pretty well applies to this animal I chase  around  I also have the  clay
 cutouts of the footprints. also a stack of unusual   droppings from these animals .
 near ##### a large animal bounded across the road in front of me
  he ended up so close  I could see every detail  a very large marsupial predator
 larger then a black panther  I think he is what they call  the Blue Mountains lion
 I picked up a photo of an( identical) animal on Google no one knows what it is  and I have
 included that photo and one paw print that  was recovered not  faraway that l  think
 belongs to it . it measures approximately 6 inches across. their is the possibly of 3  of  these animal's
  in Australia what I lack is finances to buy a very good night camera and that would put me around 3 to 6 months or  less  of having  good videos  of at least the Black Panther
 people call this animal black panther because no other name appears to fit and I have proof
 that he is marsupial in the photo the way he swings his thumb back. and  it is okay to use
 the information I have sent you as you see fit  just keep my name out of it if  you know someone who might be interested financing the camera then I would be happy with 50-50
 some decent photos of these animals going about their business in the night time would be
 worth a fortune especially as they are unidentified predators that a lot of people see
 that they can't photograph with clarity   these  male animals are all very heavy in excess
 of 100   200+  kilos  they really compact the Earth where  there  foot lands and the impressions at clear as crystal
Felid ? Like movements.? Thermal Footage from Wayne Knight.Central Victoria.Guesstimated distance about 400 metres if you know what this is, please contact us. Wayne has forgotten more stuff about weirdness and cryptids than most of us will ever discover. A living legend in the crypto field in Australia.

In the news..again

The flipping cats are everywhere..except in the lens of a video camera.

Lithgow Panther is living in the northern beaches ?

Could it be that the famous 'Lithgow Panther' has made its way to the northern beaches?
A Frenchs Forest woman is adamant she has spotted a giant cat, which she believed to be a puma, twice in the past six weeks.
On both occasions the woman said she saw what was believed to be a supersized cat scramble into Garigal National Park while parking her car near her home, located across the road from the bushland area.
"It was not a fox or a wallaby, it was definitely a really big cat," she said.
"I've been calling it a puma.
"I've copped a lot of flak because nobody believes me, but I'm 100 per cent."
The woman described the mysterious animal as being bigger than her American staffy, which weighs 40kg.
While she spotted it in the early hours of the morning on both occasions, she saw it clear as day with the headlights turned on.
"There was no way in hell I was going to get out (of the car) to find it," she said.

The Manly Daily Facebook page has been inundated with scepticism over the sighting.
Anthony Caruso said: "How did the Penrith Panther manage to cross Roseville Bridge." Dave Nagel said: "The Lithgow Panther on holidays."
Last September News Limited revealed the Department of Primary Industries was holding an independent inquiry into "large free-ranging cats", following representations by Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams, the parliamentary secretary for Western Sydney.
There have been more than 600 sightings of the fanged beast over the past two decades.
Under Former Premier Nathan Rees in 2008, a comprehensive inquiry into panther sightings found: "It seems more likely than not on available evidence that such animals do exist in NSW."
A Department of Primary Industries policy document released in March last year advised staff of what to do when the public reports "large feline sightings".including to call the police when the public are concerned for their safety.
Attacks on livestock are to be referred to the Livestock Health and Pest Authority for investigation.
The description of "large felines" in the policy document includes lions, tigers, leopards, pumas and cougars.
Staff are advised they could also be referred to as "alien big cats", "phantom cats" or the Blue Mountains, Emmaville, Lithgow or Richmond Panther.source

Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat file closed, a Sydney father has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a panther-like creature outside his home.
Peter Russell told NSW Police he feared for his life after being stalked by a large, ''completely foreign'' feline predator at Riverstone, on the fringes of dense national park bushland.
It has been sighted at least 12 times in the Riverstone area over recent years. On Thursday, the member for Hawkesbury, Ray Williams, warned the government to ''rethink'' its position or face being ''accountable'' in the event of a tragedy.
Peter Russell, who claims to have seen a large cat-like creature in Oliver Street, Riverstone. Peter Russell, who claims to have seen a large cat-like creature in Oliver Street, Riverstone. 
Referring to a report, released in October, that dismissed the validity of about 500 eyewitness statements, Mr Williams said: ''I appreciate [Minister for Primary Industries] Katrina Hodgkinson might have more important issues to deal with but, in accepting those findings, she is ridiculing the many hundreds who have seen this creature.
''My wife and I saw this animal. People I know and respect have seen it. I have addressed the situation in Parliament and spoken broadly and openly about it since. If something awful happens, I'll sleep with a clear conscience.''
For decades, huge cats have been sighted by rural residents. Bushwalkers, tourists and locals say the animals resemble panthers.
A common theory is that the cats escaped from private zoos or a circus years ago and have since bred and survived across the three large national parks - Kanangra-Boyd, Blue Mountains and Wollemi - that connect across the mountains. But in the absence of definitive evidence, the subject remains a topic of widespread amusement elsewhere.
In a 1999 letter to then National Parks and Wildlife Service director-general Brian Gilligan, Department of Agriculture head Kevin Sheridan warned: ''The reports are becoming too frequent for us to ignore the possibility. To … do so could bring into question government's duty of care.''
Wildlife ecologist Johannes Bauer was later commissioned to provide expert opinion.
''Difficult as it seems to accept, the most likely explanation of the evidence is the presence of a large, feline predator,'' he said. ''In this area, [it is] most likely a leopard, less likely a jaguar.''
In 2008, then premier Nathan Rees admitted to being a believer. ''It is easy for all of us to dismiss these things … but if we're actually wrong then there is an altogether different set of scenarios.''
But today, the O'Farrell government has put its faith in the findings of New Zealand invasive species expert John Parkes, who scoffed at the notion in October, labelling the 500 eyewitness accounts as ''at best prima facie evidence'', saying ''large dogs, large feral cats or swamp wallabies'' were the likely candidates.
The latest eyewitness disagrees. On December 5, Mr Russell went to investigate why his neighbour's dogs were acting ''so distressed''.
He said, as he looked along the path that led up the street, a very large, broad, cat-like creature ran straight for him.
''This was definitely no dog,'' he said. ''It had a low rumbling growl. It was between knee and hip height, extremely stocky and very fast. I spun on my heel and ran back towards the house. I didn't know that I was going to make it to the door.
''My mind was completely thrown by what I had just witnessed. I thought I was a goner.''
Mr Russell made it safely inside and called Riverstone police.
''The officer laughed and I acknowledged her reaction was understandable,'' he said. ''But I also explained that if some poor kid ends up being taken, and I hadn't called, I would be left devastated.''
Ms Hodgkinson said that, based on the findings of Mr Parkes, the government would not commit any further expenditure. ''As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed."
But Mr Williams thinks his colleague has missed the point. ''I don't want a million dollars spent on any campaign, I just want some general acknowledgement that this is no myth … and for visitors to the national park to be armed with the knowledge that these animals could pose a danger, particularly to kids.''
Have you seen the big cat?

Parachilna Big Cats

Hello, my name is Stephen #######. I'd like to tell you of a big cat
encounter I had. I currently am living in Adelaide in a suburb called
#####. Roughly a year ago I was sitting down and I had started to
hear a coughing noise which I had thought was a pig at first, I had gone
outside to see what it was and nothing happened for 5 mins or so, I sat down
outside to have a smoke and all of a sudden out of this huge bush comes
crawling out very large cat, It the stood up and done a typical cat stretch
and started sniffing the car door handles etc on the neighbors 4WD, I was
amazed at what I was seeing this animal was not afraid of me one bit nor did
I feel any threat from it, and I don't believe these animals hold much
threat to people. The massive cat started walking towards the Aldinga Scrub
and I followed it from about 10 meters, After about 2 mins of following it
the cat done a huge leap over a 2 meter fence into the scrub land, Making no
noise what so ever very agile. I have always been in the outback and have
seen very large Moggies but this was different to me in looked very much
like a Puma, about 2 and a half foot tall at the shoulder and roughly 6 foot
long, Very muscly and sleek. The color of the cat was a grayish tawny color,
I would say the cat would have weighed 30 - 50 kg. I was lucky enough to get
some pictures of its foot prints in had left in the sandy soil and they were
roughly the size of my palm, 3 inch down by 3 inch across and i have in the
picture a can to show the size of the prints.
Also it was roughly a year before this my younger brother come running home
one night saying there was a giant cat near the field down the road, I did
not think much of it until I had my encounter, My younger brother believed
it to be around the same size of the cat I had seen.
I have asked around since this had happened and I have en counted a couple
people who say they have seen it as-well, Including my current girl friend.
I do know of people in the Flinders Rangers SA in a town called Parachilna
where they say they encounter cats the size of German Shepard's and that a
lot of people will not leave there dogs out at night due to the fact they
have been attacked in the past and some killed. I was shown a picture of one
and they are very big and very similar in appearance to the one I have seen.
I have talked to the council, museum and the national parks and wild life
people and have been looked at like an idiot, even though they agree that I
have got some evidence with the prints I photographed that the cat is very
I do hope this has been of interest to you, I am now always carrying my
camera phone on me in the slight chance I may see it again.

Regards Stephen .

Elusive 'panther' may be on the move-New Zealand

 Is it a panther - or just a really big wild cat? This creature was snapped on the frozen surface of Lake Clearwater. Photo / Michael O'Neill

Mid-Canterbury's elusive black panther may have moved south.
Last week a delivery driver spotted what he described as a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside the Fairlie township in the early hours of the morning.
The description was remarkably similar to reports in a number of sightings of the panther-like animal in Mid Canterbury roughly the size of a Labrador dog, with round head and a distinctive long tail.
Such sightings began trickling in 1992 when the animal was spotted at the Ashburton River mouth.
But the legend really took flight this century when Marcus Ewart and David Tutton reported seeing a large, black panther-like cat near Alford Forest; two years later the cat appeared again, this time witnessed by Peter and Toni May in the Ashburton Gorge.
A month later, in October 2003, truck driver Chad Stewart was startled by a huge black cat in the Mayfield foothills. The same month the cat appeared again, this time near the Fairton meat works.
Several sightings were reported in the Seafield and Pendarves areas in January 2004.
In May 2005 Mark Brosnahan met the beast in the foothills area, and Nic Newman came face-to-face with the legendary black cat on the Mt Somers Walkway in June 2005.
Brent Thomas happened across the cat at the Ashburton River Mouth in August 2006. More sightings in the Pendarves district followed
The last reported sighting came in August last year. Professional photographer Michael O'Neill captured an image of a large black animal slinking across the frozen surface of Lake Clearwater, providing the clearest photo yet.
Further afield the cat was seen near Twizel in 1996, two years later a tawny coloured Labrador-sized cat appeared near Cromwell, and Southland residents reported seeing bobcat-like animal in the Mataura area.
Department of Conservation officials have consistently stated the animals are large feral cats; however those who have seen them firsthand have down rejected that explanation.source

Large free-ranging felines in New South Wales a review-2013

Large free-ranging felines in New South Wales a review-2013
Hot off the presses..
The latest report has just appeared in 'lets do another report' for the NSW government to judge if there are big cats existing in NSW.

It reads like a school report that was done quickly.
It used google and our book for its supposed "research" and looks like it was slapped together in a few hours.
We were told that the government chose the cheapest tender for the job and they sure look like they got the results they wanted.

The "report" is  for downloading here.
Eamon Duff from the Sun Herald is doing an article on Sunday about the debacle.
Large free-ranging felines in New South Wales a review-2013


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