Sublime track, Austinmer Cat

Hello there,

I email you today in regards to a large animal sighting this morning at
Sublime track, Austinmer at 6.20am. It was just becoming light as I was
walking up the track and just as I approached a clearing halfway up a flight
of stairs I briefly stopped to catch my breath. I was by myself.

I heard what sounded like a log dropping into the scrub. It was quite a
break of silence in the tweeting of birds and the ocean behind.

I glanced over to see the outline of an object moving it's head. It was
black and it's head was moving side to side, as if it was looking for food
or in search of something. It was around 25 metres away.
I stood there for around 15 seconds on the stairs in awe and terror. I had
not passed anyone nor was anyone following behind me.
It finally started running like a panther / large wild cat down the
mountain. I proceeded to run up the stairs in the hope it hadn't heard me or
saw me. It definitely wasn't a log as it stayed in the same position for
around 15 seconds moving it's head from side to side.

Have you had anyone else contact you recently in regards to any sightings
around that area?
I look forward to hearing from you.



Spotted a big black cat at cockatoo in victoria on sat jan 16th 2016
crossed the dirt road as it entered the bush track near houses,i saw this 3
foot long tail exactly like a big cat, it jumped into the bush moving
exactly like a cat as they move their front legs under neath them as th
apparently same sightings in same area have been reported over last few days
as i've just found out, spotted near an old log are other reports but i was
a sceptic but not now..


South Australia Cats

Hi, my name is ###### I have sent you a sighing report of a big cat that I
had encountered in Aldinga, South Australia. I thought I would tell you
about an encounter my friend ### and I had one night when we were camping
in Halls Gap in the Grampian's at the beginning of the year. We decided to
go out for a walk to try and spot light some animals at night at around
9:30pm, we had been spot lighting for a good half an hour before it started
to rain a bit and we had decided to head back in the direction of camp and
just up the main street in Halls gap I had spotted a very large animal very
low to the ground and it was grey in colour, I pointed it out to my mate he
did not see it but we decided to follow it in the direction it had gone,
### pointed the torch in the direction that it went and he pointed out some
very large yellow/blueish eyes just watching us from just inside the tree
line. My mate was the one who said that looks a lot like cats eyes peering
at us, we started to walk towards the eyes, maybe not the smartest of ideas
but we didn't feel threatened, and the animal disappeared very quickly and
quietly, very stealthy. I am not saying it was a big cat, but it was a very
large low slump animal, very stealthy and which had a blue/yellow eye shine.
It looked about the size of a large dog from what I had seen and the eye
shine was about 2 and a half feet of the ground. I have been in two minds
for a long time in whether to report it or not. My mate and I also encounter
some very large cat like prints at a lake between Stawell and the

South Coast NSW Big cats

Hi my name is ####, and back in 2002/3 I saw a large tan coloured cat run  across the road in front of my car driving between Gerroa and Gerringong, NSW
The best way I can describe it is as a cougar.
I now live in Kangaroo Valley and black panther sightings are common but this was definitely tan
coloured, but very very large with a very long slinky tail.
I hope this helps.
It was approx 2am and it is a farming area and it had come from large cow pastureland.

NSW Country cats


Not sure if this is the information you're after but on a recent bike ride through the bush I saw a very large black cat.
I had been sitting very still for a long time soaking up the ambience. When I returned to my bike I looked up and about 100 meters away I saw a large animal passing by. At first I thought it was a feral pig but noticed the shape of the body. It was definitely a cat.
When I measured it's height against the bushes it walked behind I estimate it was around one meter high. Perhaps it was common feral cat but if it was it was a very large animal.
The area was around 50kms north of ###  NSW.
No photos I'm afraid, too quick. But there was evidence of large cat like foot prints and a very large scat which was full of feral goat and pig fur.
I hope this helps.

Yellow Cats

I doubt I'll be believed. We run country on the ###### of NSW and have been there for three generations. Today I saw what I initially thought was a dingo because it was yellow. It ran down across a track and into a gully. It stopped and I could still see it so went to reach for the rifle but noticed it had a snub nose and really long, straight tail. One of the dogs jumped out of the ute to go after it and it ran again but stopped amongst some fallen logs and bracken.
 I could still see the top of it's head, the line of it's back and it's tail over the top of the bracken.
I still think I must be hallucinating.

Face Book Big Cats Group

Darren Monks has created a great group on Facebook and is posting some really good  reports of big cats from Western Australia.
Click the link and join.!!! source  

Tiger Cub Pets

Thanks David Waldron. !

Northern NSW Cats

Small farm Northern NSW.
Large Cats seen by locals for a number of years.
Farmer X kindly sent me some killed livestock photos.
Tree marked by claws..same type of images we used to see in Grosevale.
About 8 years ago we showed the tree damage to herpetologists and asked them if it was due to lace Monitors or koalas..all said "no".
National Parks and DPI staff came on site..
They did not know which species of animal had caused the tree damage.
DPI said it was an animal from the National Park, not their problem..
National Park said it was damage done on private property therefore out of their mandate.
DPI said "this does not prove its a panther".
Of course it flipping doesn`t..we never said it did.
Regarding the dead sheep..the marks on the face..are indicative of claws not a canid type "bite".
So, into the bin goes "it was wild dogs"..

Northern NSW Cats

I saw a big cat, 3 feet at the shoulder, near ###### northern NSW 2 years
ago. It crossed a road 5 meters in front of me at night.
The headlights illuminated it.
I was stationary in the passenger seat looking forward directly at it. my driver was looking at the GPS and saw nothing.
I am a police officer, observant and not mad.