Northern NSW Cats

I saw a big cat, 3 feet at the shoulder, near ###### northern NSW 2 years
ago. It crossed a road 5 meters in front of me at night.
The headlights illuminated it.
I was stationary in the passenger seat looking forward directly at it. my driver was looking at the GPS and saw nothing.
I am a police officer, observant and not mad.

Barkers Creek Big cat

Murrumbidgee river Cat

Hi i dont want anything in return but i want to tell you about a black panther i saw when fishing the Murrumbidgee river at Urriarra Crossing in Canberra.I got a good clear look at it from 40 metres and when it spotted me becuse i saw him first the panther stopped and stared me down to the point i was looking at where to run.
He whipped his tail and just stood still staring at me.I was fishing mid river on top of a rock and thats what i think saved me a he had to get wet to get to me and was easily a metre long and taller than any cat i have ever seen.
Didnt look like a domestic cat and was definately a panther.I just thought you would like to know as i still cant believe it but i defienately saw it and although it was scary it was awsome too.

'Illawarra panther' leaves sisters terror-stricken

Woonona mother-of-three Candice Morgan has ditched plans to improve her fitness on the Sublime Point track, after a terrifying encounter with a large and mysterious animal.
Candice, 29, was running up the track with her sister Stephy Morgan, 25, on Wednesday around dusk, when the pair were startled by a jet black animal with yellow eyes and a long sweeping tail.
The pair’s frightening encounter is the latest of many sightings of the Illawarra’s much-discussed black panther – a creature believed to roam in dense bushland around the region’s northern suburbs.
The experience has left the sisters shaken, with Candice vowing never to use the track again for steep uphill running.
‘‘All I could think of was that I had to get out of there for my kids,’’ Candice said. ‘‘I bolted down the hill as fast as I could.’’
The drama unfolded when the women were about 100 metres along the track and an animal rushed out of the bush.
‘‘There is no comparison between a large domestic cat and what I saw on Wednesday night,’’ Stephy said.
‘‘I’m still in shock. The tail was the length of its long body, it was so distinctive, and it had these big yellow eyes.
‘‘It was much bigger than Candice’s two big adult Alaskan malamutes.
‘‘It was about 25 to 30 metres away from me and, taking its size and shape into account, you couldn’t think it was anything other than a panther.
‘‘There was no question about whether it could have been a cat. It wasn’t.’’
Candice did not see the animal but she felt and heard an unusual presence during the ascent.
‘‘I was in front of Stephy but I had my head down,’’ Candice said.
‘‘I was focusing on getting up because it’s a really hard track to run. It was really bizarre because as we were going up,  I heard this weird rustling noise coming from the bush.
‘‘It wasn’t like a lizard or a possum. It sounded like something big.
‘‘At the same time as I heard the noise,  I also felt that something was there.
‘‘All this happened in a split second but it felt like forever to me.
‘‘As I went: ‘Oh I’ve heard something, oh my God, there’s something there’, Stephy screamed, ‘run’, and I turned around and ran for my life.’’
When they got to the bottom of the track, the sisters took stock of what had happened.
‘‘Stephy was as white as a ghost,’’ Candice said.
‘‘She was sweating. She was beside herself and so was I, even though I didn’t see the animal.
 ‘‘It was so scary.’’


Big cat researcher believes they are out there

BIG cat researcher Simon Townsend is confident huge felines could still be roaming south-west Victoria.
“I have no reason to think there isn’t big cat activity still in south-east South Australia or along the south-west Victorian coastline,” the Geelong district resident said yesterday.
Although the last report on his Big Cats Victoria website was in 2009 when someone posted a message they had seen a large black cat with a long tail at Bessiebelle, he believes there are others still roaming.
Other sightings in the past decade have come from Princetown, Winchelsea and the Otways.
“I’ve travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres around western Victoria in the past to investigate reports and am continuing the research,” Mr Townsend said.
“My theory is we are dealing with a melanistic (black) leopard which always produced black offspring.
“There could be lots of stuff out there.
“These leopards would measure two feet wide at the shoulder, have a head like a footy, large eyes and weigh at least 80 kilograms.
“I’ve heard a number of reports of people being frightened by a large black cat peering through their window. Prior to the Second World War there were no restrictions of importation of foreign animals.”
The Standard’s renewed interest in the legend was sparked by a conversation with long-time Yambuk resident John Leddin, who recalled seeing one in the early 1960s in a back  paddock on his farm.
“I recall it was a cold winter’s day when a large cat with a long tail jumped out from near the cypress trees,” he said. “It was like a puma, dark in colour.
“You’d reckon it was a tiger, it was that big.
“I can remember it running across the paddocks in big leaps.”
Mr Leddin said he mentioned it to a neighbour who immediately replied saying he too had seen a large cat in his hay shed.
Rob Whitehead, of Port Fairy, also recalled evidence of a large cat in 1991 while he was walking along the beach near Yambuk picking up driftwood.
“I saw fresh paw prints in the sand — the size of a lion or bigger,” he said.
“Beside it were small cub prints. It was a bit unnerving knowing there could be two sets of eyes watching me from the sand dunes.
“I have been told big cats could have travelled from the Grampians to the coast.”
Mr Townsend said it would not be unusual for the big cats to seek refuge in haystacks where they could be relatively undisturbed. His website is


Victorian Big cats

I have seen 2 big cats, the first was south of canberra back in 1995, with another bowhunter. We both saw it, It was a tawny colour like a mountain lion, or Puma. It was much larger than I expected at least as big as a wolfhound. When we got to the spot where it had been sitting it had disappeared into the  Blackberry thicket.
The hair on our necks stood up and we got out of there fast. The second occurred last year, I saw a large black cat for about 10 seconds before it disappeared behind a small hill.
The sheep in that paddock were bleating and ran down to where I was metal detecting, which was unusual. About 4 months later owner of the property saw it himself and took photo's of the tracks.
regards Robert

WA Cats

During the sixties and seventies, my family of origin went on a lot of camping holidays around  WA.  We were driving through the wheatbelt  during school holiday time in September in the early seventies.  We had just passed Dumbleyung.  It was late at night and my mother and sister were asleep in the car.  I was still awake and  my father and I were discussing Donald Campbell's world land speed record on the Lake, which he had witnessed .    We drove past the lake only to see  a big cat  standing in the  middle of the road,  at the most  only 200 metres from the car.  It was very clearly illuminated by our headlights.
My father and I couldn't believe our eyes.  It resembled a black panther with yellow eyes,  and it was huge.  It had the sleek body and long tail of a panther.  My father slammed on the brakes, waking up my mother.  But by the time she asked what was wrong, the big cat had crossed the road to the other side and melted into the shadows of the bush.  Its action was extremely graceful.   My father  turned the car  so the headlights went to where the big cat had gone but there was no trace of it.  My father waited about 10 minutes, then got out to see if there were any tracks at the side of the road, but there was too much leaf litter there.
My mother didn't believe us.  I was twelve at the time, but I still know what I saw.  It looked exactly the same as the black panther in the South Perth zoo, only it was a taller and bigger framed animal.
My father's story of its origins was the one his father  told him. Urban myth? Who knows..  Some time  after the end of the second world war, a travelling circus toured country WA from over east.  Travelling up to Perth, some of the carriages of the train were somehow derailed and the crates smashed open.  The animals which escaped were  a cougar, a panther and its two cubs.

My father and I often talked about the sighting,  and from then on, we eagerly followed any reports of sightings or unusual sheep or cattle attacks with great interest. 
I am not a fanciful person and neither was my late father.  I was never worried about being disbelieved or labelled a "crackpot", so   I  am happy I have found a  site where I can share  my experience.



Sunshine Coast Cats

Hi I'm ###### live on small acreage property ###### valley ##### rd
The###### rd area is a fairly dense bush area on a ridge in the Sunshine Coast hinterland the eastern side leading down to #########  the western side of ###### leads into ######valley  and ########
I spotted large cat stalking /walking one moonlit night On my land I had companion with me who also witnessed the cat this was about 6 years ago I have not see the cat again
The night I saw it was full moon it was walking down near my goats and was a comparable height to my boer goats it was in full view the cat did not bother my goats nor did my goats bleat or appear scared  it may have been heading to my chook shed or down towards the ######### dam
another friend saw it one night on my property 3 years ago in January he was very surprised as it walked right in front of him while he was on my elevated decking
my kids were sceptical of my cat sighting but over the intervening years 3 of my 4 children ( all reliable adults)  have seen the cat each on separate occasions usually at night all sightings on ######## rd or my property my kids are now believers of the big cat
Most recently my daughter and girl friend almost hit it a few months back while driving at night they were quite shaken and upset
my dad a few years back spotted it walking across his clearing he was ex
Bushie / cop he sat out next evening with his rifle but didn't spot it again on his property note his property is on same road as mine he did mention he had seen it also once on my property
I'm ##### manager and ex #######  I am used to working remote bush and outback know my Aussie wildlife very well and this animal does not present as a known marsupial nor feral cat. It walks and stalks like big cat but is id say about 2.5' high it's tail was long and held out almost horizontal with the body
I had a dog of mine vanish one night about 10 years ago and now keep all my dogs inside especially at night.
quite often my dogs will be agitated  racing up down decking barking growling at something outside for long periods at night I want to keep them safe as had a friend 2 dogs ,one dog return blood covered and other dog not returned this was ###### nearby
I'm quite certain of the big cat/s on the sunny  coast in this area it is definitely out there. This area has good bush coverage good water and endless food sources . ( Domestic chickens, ducks, native wildlife and ex /domestic stock etc)
I hope there is more anecdotal evidence and that one day discovery or verifiable evidence is found
Kind regards

NSW Cats

I too have seen not one but two big black cat/panther like creatures on the
Mid North Coast NSW. This incident occurred in Pacific Palms near
Forster/Tuncurry in 2004 and has left me convinced that Australia does
indeed have big cats of some description, and that they really are breeding!
This isn't just one.

Before I start, I'd like to add I am a complete sceptic to anything I
haven't seen with my own eyes, I am a business professional, but I figure
the more evidence that's out, the more that can be done to finally prove
they do exist because it's real and pretty frightening.

I was driving on the road close to Elizabeth beach at about 10.30pm at night
and noticed to my horror ahead, this massive panther like creature on the
road with stubby rounded ears and an extremely long tail. It was rather
stocky and big, bigger than a large dog. It was jet black, with very
distinct yellow eyes. It looked at the car approaching but there wasn't time
for it to move away and to be honest my initial reaction when it didn't move
was it was possible I was going to hit it. Rather than move it tried to
crouch down as low to the ground as it could, as if it was trying to blend
in. The reason for this I've later thought, might have had something to do
with what was accompanying it, but it was using an awkward stealth like
movement, trying to almost camouflage into the road it was so low.

I applied the brakes sharply and got to within a few feet of it, and watched
as it continued to almost crawl very flat, and slow, stooped off toward the
end of the road. It was then that I noticed a smaller one, like a cub had
started to follow it doing the exact same thing.

Once to the edge of the road, it and the cub bolted into the forest with
tremendous speed. The whole incident lasted a good 30 seconds or so. I had
time to slow to a stop, and could see them both clear as day in my high
beam, crawling across the road. I was petrified, so I wasn't getting out of
the car.

There is no question this was not a dog or anything like it. It was
definitely panther like, but the tail was very strange. It was distinctly

I would like to remain anonymous.

Paw Print Renews Panther Fears

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