Lithgow Panther...drags on and on..

Lithgow panther an enduring mystery amid hundreds of sightings, claims of a cover-up
Government reports strangely amended, over 500 sightings over 20 years, flawed scientific testing … there is a reason the Lithgow panther is part of folklore.
The crunch of dry leaves, the heavy snap of a stick, a feeling of suddenly being watched as the bush goes quiet are some of the sensations more than 560 people have reported in the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Lithgow area since 1998....


Bauer 1999 Report to Eric David      HERE

2003 Big Cat Report      HERE

2008 Report.
(This was hidden until an FOI flushed it out in 2009) 
Then, using DPI magic, it had information removed, data manipulation and expert opinion removed...and became...
11 May 2009 Second Dept Primary Industries report .    HERE

25th May 2009 Reply to Premier-   HERE

27th September 2009 after failed contact with NSW Ombudsman   HERE

2013 October  Large free-ranging felines in New South Wales: a review.
John Parkes .  HERE

A quick detour back in time first for some perspective.
The 1999 Bauer report.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries Report 2003.
The NSW government had no intention of ever releasing any of the following reports below.
We did a series of FOI requests and flushed them out.
The 1st NSW Department of Primary Industries Report September 2008.
The white wash report is next.
The 2nd NSW Department of Primary Industries Report- September 2009.
The Director General appears to have never sighted the 2009 report.

He also never signed off on the report.
Therefore the 2009 report and the mendacious error ridden conclusion on the Departments web site are not even official.
And whose blunder was that.?
Cricket noises from the department as usual.
And from the useless media..??????
Diddly squat as usual....
Our reply to the Premier pointing out some of the mistakes.
Even though the 2008 report had loads of mistakes and appeared to been researched by someone in a hurry, its not to0 bad by NSW government standards.
The second report is the mendacious gold.
The 2009 has whitewashed the whole of the 2003 report and the 2008 report.
It even forgot to mention the Dr Johannes Bauer "study" in 1999.
Remember the Bauer debacle .?
You know!!!
The department gave the ecologist 2 days to do "research", because of the "budget constraints".
He concluded "Difficult as it seems to accept the most likely explanation of the evidence is the presence of a large feline predator in this area, most likely a leopard, less likely a jaguar (unless this is an elaborate hoax by someone in the community).
And what did the NSW government do with that report...NOTHING.
They hid it, never mentioned one thing until it was flushed out by another FOI.
But we digress..
The 2009 "report" even managed to fake the conclusion of the 2003 report.
"...The report however concluded that none of the available evidence conclusively proved the presence of free-ranging exotic large cats In NSW..."
Wow, they must have missed the bit after the comma in the 2003 report.!!
The actual 2003 conclusion was.
"..Nothing found in this review conclusively proves the presence of free ranging exotic large cats in NSW, but this cannot be discounted and seems more likely than not on available evidence..."
Why did the DPI do two reports.?
No one is saying, they have all gone to ground.

Vicrorian Sambar Facebook page promoting a hoax

Wonders never cease.

not sambar 
a farmer from Benembra lost 13 sheep in one day so he decided to put some trail cameras up and this large cat/puma was captured a few weeks ago coming in for a drink

No its not from Victoria..
The funniest bit was a smart arse in the thread telling people that they need help if they think it is anything but a house cat.. :)
Leopard photo from Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary India

Photo shop leopard

Photo shop Leopard is in the Mornington Peninsula

Tesco Blue Mts Garden section

Gippsland "Big Cat" filmed least he filmed the animal. It looks like a big moggie though..

Source  9 News Gippsland

 A Yinnar resident has captured on camera, what he believes is one of Gippsland's mysterious big black cats.

WA Big Cats

My second big cat sighting was in  Kemerton a few years later. We were coming  back from Australind from crabbing  driving along Kemerton road heading  towards the South West HWY. It was  summer so it was still daylight at 6pm.
 We were driving through dairy country  so we had open paddocks either side of  us. I remember coming around a corner  and seeing what I thought was a Black  Labrador walking along the top of an  irrigation channel. In my car was my  sister and my girlfriend (in front  seat) I said her thats an odd place to  see a dog. My girlfriend who was a vet assistant and animal lover went pale  and said thats no dog. I immediately  pulled up and we watched this thing  (not bothered by us) walk "slink" cat  like. All 3 of us said do you see this  too? Next second my mate (who worked  for the APB) came to a screeching holt  behind us, jump out of his car loading  his gun but this noise had startled  the big black cat and it ran of out of  view across the paddock. All of us  agreed that what we had seen was a very  large black "panther"? cat. My  girlfriend shaking kept saying over and  over "dogs do not run like that"

Dodgy photo

Note the caption under the photo..
So...its either a game camera..hanging over a river..nope..
Someone standing close to the river..with a night vision camera..luckily a large animal came past and did not detect them..source

Victorian Bigcats Research Group

Victorian Bigcats Research Group
Myself and co founder Sarah Alsop created the group out of our mutual interest in the Bigcat phenomenon.
We have both had sightings in the Otway ranges and actively conduct our research in the Otways and other parts of Victoria.
We will be expanding our research in the coming months and would like to hear about your sightings or any other experiences relating to the subject you may have had throughout Australia.
You can keep up to date with our research by joining our group "Victorian Bigcats Research Group or via our YouTube channel " Victorian Bigcats Research Group .
Kevin Braunton

Mystery Cats Near York

Hey mate, back when I was an apprentice so probably 1999 ,my father and I had permission to shoot roos rabbits etc on a property out near York. I was on the back of our ute spotlighting with my boss at the time was shooting next to me this one night. Driving down the boundary fence of this sheep property I saw bright green eyes flash at me around 400m ahead. Beauty we thought. Feral cat. It was a little too far away for a shot. So I told my father to drive closer to get a shot at it. As he drove forward i saw a black object rise out of the knee high grass and bolt straight towards the fence and over it in front of us at a range of approx 200m . Its back stayed straight when it ran like a cat with a Sleek stealthy running style. This"things" back protruded out of the long dry grass prob around a foot. So total height estimated at 2 .5 - 3 foot tall at the back. I had shot and hunted plenty of pigs by that stage and still do hunt them but that experience is one I could never fully explain.I regret not stopping to look at the prints that night. My wife mistook a boar for a cougar the first time I took her pigging and she wouldnt believe it was a pig until I showed her the pig prints. I honestly believe boars are the culprit for most cougar sightings.