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Sounds like pure..

Within the field of enigmatic creatures such as Bigfoot, the Yeti from Nepal, and the Loch Ness Monster from Scotland, is the rumour of Australia’s, and more importantly the south east region's, large, elusive and commonly out of focus Black Panther cryptid. With a flourish of people now putting us into the categories - Are you a believer or a non believer?
In reference to how the animal came to be in Australia, stories are circulating of a circus going bankrupt and releasing all their animals into the wild. Others claim that following WW2, the Americans brought the Black Panthers to Australia as mascots.
Recently the Goulburn Post ran a story of the ambiguous Black Panther, giving many members from the community the confidence to come forward and speak about their own experiences with the alien big cats.
Soon after, I received word that a prominent investigative journalist from Sydney was visiting the Yass Valley, after a member of the Yass community had reported to have seen the animal three times over the last couple of weeks. Why the community member contacted a famous reporter as opposed to the Yass Tribune is as alluding as the myth itself!
Putting my investigative hat on, I was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. I placed a message on Facebook asking any community members to come forward that had recently spotted the creature. Amongst the barrage of football and cute black cat references, were a few of notice. Residents claiming to have seen these big cats (yes plural!) for years. One of note was a woman and husband claiming to have run one over with their car a couple of years back, and was in possession of two of the animal's teeth.  
My excitement was palpable, my two colleagues looked on at me, one with apprehension, the other with hopeful certainty. I was determined to uncover the mystery, to find the story and prove once and for all this was not a farce.
I knew this was going to be my pulitzer.
I jumped in my car to drive the half hour to their property. They were eager to show me, thrusting them into my outstretched palm. I was an instant believer! One tooth was four centimetres long and the other just over an inch. The couple described the cat as big as a labrador with a flat, pug sort of face and there was more than just the one. They told me that they had discarded the body because of the stench and had no photos because it was before the I-phone era. The couple said they found the teeth close to where they had hit the animal.
I took my photographic evidence back to office to then send away to the appropriate experts. After spending the weekend in nail-biting anticipation, the reply came early Monday morning.
‘Dear Jessica, are you sure these are teeth, they look like a tigers claw.’
A blow, I thought, however still hopeful that they may still have some connection to the beast.
I hesitantly replied, could they possibly be a claw from a Kangaroo? His response came fast; ‘Oh yes, I didn’t think of that, that’s quite possibly the answer.’ In the end I couldn't verify one way or another.
Although there was no certainty that the advice that I received was 100 percent correct, or whether perhaps the couple had been able to acquire the teeth from the animal they had actually hit in their driveway, or if those who had seen the animal over the last few years had a camera on them that had the correct focus.
Regardless of the many ‘what if’s’, and the great disappointment in being unable to solve the mystery, at least I have learnt some great lessons in responsible journalism. I hope one day that the mystery will be revealed, on the other hand, there’s a sense of inscrutable excitement in the unknown, having our very own cryptid.
Until further notice, keep an eye on your children and your cattle source

Sydney panther legend surfaces in Goulburn

Its a cryptid animal...your not supposed to take decent still`s/or use the video camera/or have anything beside a mobile phone low resolution camera.
And in keeping with the cryptid meme…the animal is out focus of course.
The camera appears to be on autofocus and is trying to focus on the branch in the foreground whilst they are zooming into the background..


It's the legend that refuses to die.
Rumours have circulated for decades about a mysterious panther-like cat roaming bushland fringes in NSW. Last Saturday, a startled couple from Goulburn became the latest witnesses to shoot a grainy, quick-fire frame of the large feline predator - which they insist was a panther.
Jeff and Ruth Gulson were eating lunch on their 20-acre property at Goulburn when through the kitchen window, the animal came into view...more

Sugarloaf Rock in Cape Naturaliste cat

Thought I would send you an email about an animal I saw yesterday.  We were driving down to Sugarloaf Rock in Cape Naturaliste yesterday afternoon and this big cat?? .....  ran across the road in front of the car.  The sun was behind it so couldn’t see the colour but was about as long as my car is wide (corolla) including the tail.  I had a instantaneous gut feeling that it may have been a Tasmanian tiger, but honestly it was so quick, I don’t know.  I do know it was bigger than a feral cat and its head seemed more pointed than a cats.
So, not sure what it was, but has made me rethink about what might be in the bush when I go for a walk on my own!!
Let me know if you have any thoughts or have had any other reports from this area.

TV host Clare Balding spots mysterious panther prowling Herefordshire

The UK mystery cat scene seems to be still rolling along.
TV presenter Clare Balding has revealed she was spooked after spotting a mysterious panther-like beast in the English countryside as she conducted a radio interview. The journalist and sports pundit was at The Doward, a beauty spot near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire when she spotted what appeared to be a large black cat sitting in a country lane. She saw the 'enormous' creature while being shown around by locals as she recorded her BBC Radio 4 show Ramblings. There have been numerous sightings of big cat-like creatures across the country since the 90s - but there has been little concrete evidence to prove their existence. source

Orphaned Cougars

Here are a few photos of me and a co-worker with the 3 orphaned cougars we are raising in the zoo where I work. And one of my lounging on one of the cougar shelters(a giant artificial tree stump!). In these photos, the cougar kittens are 4 months old. They are 5 months now, but we are still allowed to go in with them.Lane Batot.

Interesting prints

Felid ? Like prints found in Western NSW recently.
Size 12 shoes.

Otway Ranges Large Black Cat

My husband and I were traveling through the Otway Ranges about and hour out of Apollo Bay in November last year when we both saw a large black panther like animal on the side of the road. It leapt up the embankment and into the bush and disappeared. It had a very long sleek erect curled tail, and looked just like a panther. We were both amazed and couldn't believe what we saw,

Is there a big black cat on the Illawarra escarpment?

The tough, almost impenetrable bush of the Illawarra escarpment can play tricks on bushwalkers’ eyes.
Just a few metres from the entrance of a track, visitors can be forgiven for thinking they’ve entered a lost world, devoid of human influence.
A small bird taking to the air can suddenly assault the senses – the noise seeming much greater than that caused by a honeyeater or kingfisher.
It’s this dense scrub that has given rise to myths, such as the Bunyip, Yowie and many ghost stories.
But there’s one persistent story, recently discredited by the state government, that tells of a much more plausible animal lurking in the hills behind the coast.
“‘A cat wouldn’t grow that big and we don’t know of any dog with a tail like that.’”
It is, of course, the tale of the panther, or big cat, said to roam undisturbed stretches of bush throughout the country.
While many dismiss the creature as an oversized moggy, others say it’s the offspring of a panther that escaped from a zoo many years ago.
Other more wild claims suggest it is not a panther at all, but the presumed extinct marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex).
One human encounter with the beast allegedly occurred on the Wodi Wodi track, near Stanwell Park, on December 31, 2012.
Written in black pen, the witness has underlined the word ‘‘danger’’ before going on to detail the sighting.
‘‘Black panther seen + heard on Wodi Wodi track,’’ it reads.
‘‘Mt Mitchell side, size 100kg+, big big cat.’’
Among those who swear by the cat’s existence are Hilltop residents Marg and Mal Hughes.
Mr Hughes has seen giant paw prints on a track north-west of their Southern Highlands property, while Mrs Hughes said she actually witnessed the beast.
‘I was going shopping with a lady down to Wollongong, she’s going on Picton Road and I noticed something big and black standing, looking out of a gate,’’ Mrs Hughes said.
‘‘The main thing I noticed was this long, sweeping black tail and it actually touched the ground.
‘‘It was looking out the gate and it was probably a couple feet tall.’’
Travelling fast on Picton Road, Mrs Hughes and her companion were unable to stop to investigate the sighting further.
She said despite researching breeds of dogs, she had found nothing that could compare with what she’d seen that day.
‘‘I really don’t know what it is,’’ Mrs Hughes said.
‘‘A cat wouldn’t grow that big and we don’t know of any breed of dog with a tail like that.’’
In the  meantime, her husband, a former hunter who has regularly shot and killed feral cats after mistaking their ginger fur for that of a fox, said the paw prints he observed were much too large to be a feral cat.
‘‘I could see five pads, semi-circular, no claw marks and about three inches across,’’ he said.
‘‘I’m 99 per cent convinced there’s a big black cat out there somewhere.
‘‘Maybe there’s more than one because the sightings are a bit spread out.  They’re too frequent.’’
In October last year, a report commissioned by the  state  government attempted to take any legitimacy away from more than 500 eyewitness reports claiming to have spotted the panther.
At the time, the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, said: ‘‘The NSW  government will not commit further expenditure to this issue and, as far as I am concerned, the matter is closed.”
Likewise, a NSW Office of Environment and Heritage spokeswoman  said there was ‘‘no known panther or giant cat population in Royal National Park or the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area’’.
She said feral cats  were prevalent across NSW.
But stories of people claiming to have spotted the beast continue to emerge.
In December last year, Fairfax Media published a map of NSW divided into electorates showing 327 recorded sightings across the state as of March 2013.
While Hawkesbury led the pack with 173, Wollondilly and Kiama both recorded seven, and South Coast recorded one.
Mr Hughes doubted the Illawarra escarpment had sufficient bush to support a large, wild cat.
‘‘It’s a fairly restricted area. Stanwell Tops is at the top and all you’ve got is a steep escarpment and bush running up,’’ he said.
‘‘It’s not a big area of bushland and these things tend to be in more remote areas.
‘‘It’s got to be in a wilderness area – mostly it doesn’t come near where people are.’’
But if Mercury readers are anything to go by, the Illawarra Escarpment is prime big cat territory.
One reader was convinced he’d seen a panther at Stanwell Park.

‘‘I have actually seen one up around Stanwell Park on the railway line on the northern side of the aqueduct there, about  seven years ago,’’ he said.
‘‘I know what a panther looks like and I know I saw one in the late afternoon near the buildings there,  but it wasn’t dark.
‘‘I rang NPWS and they said it would have just been a large cat.  This was not, it was a big, beautiful black panther.’’ source

hi mike The 2 prints belong to the same  Male panther  I have a had   under
 surveillance for 3  years  he has a smaller female companion plus cubs
 of different ages I know what he is  because I ambushed him  in the  car
   headlights l saw him  the  the tracks he left behind perfectly matches the ones I
 sent you I can almost touch this family but sometimes they're like  a needl
 in a haystack 600 m from the town  there is a track for years this  guy
  as left matching tracks on it during the day people are driving from the town
 into the forest over it . during the night my panthers  trot up and down it into
 the town and back into the forest as these are in my experience night predators  near impossible  to get a photograph of them during the day
 the  new photo IM sending is of a larger but  similar marsupial predator
  taken in WA  last year  ( had another black panther  almost photograph inWA
 last year  I know  where he is and all his  habits.  ps this town  is  not the only
  one I know about with  Panthers  on the outskirts  in ####  how do I know
 all this because,  IM a hunter all I they have to do is  turn over a rock or similar and I am onto  them . far as I know they are harmless to us  but deadly
killers  with marsupials  I have some videos  on  their kills how they pluck
 and cleanly gut  koalas Possums . PS  I have a photo showing a  swing out
 thumb  from the black male panther  it shows  he can  climb trees let me know what you think Cheers,

hi mike I am sending you another  photo you will notice  claws  beginning to show
 from the toes on  the left foot  impression  and the candid one on the right as the
claws  come out the foot keeps changing shape. in amongst these impressions
 I have clear-cut photos of him swinging one toe  45° to the rear of the other 3 toes
 there are 4  drill holes  in the mud  from his claws  and the impression of his toes
 I can't send you this photo because I might make money out of it. there is a man in
 MaryBorough  Victoria  who sells a book  titled thylacoleo  is alive  I found everything
 he spoke about pretty well applies to this animal I chase  around  I also have the  clay
 cutouts of the footprints. also a stack of unusual   droppings from these animals .
 near ##### a large animal bounded across the road in front of me
  he ended up so close  I could see every detail  a very large marsupial predator
 larger then a black panther  I think he is what they call  the Blue Mountains lion
 I picked up a photo of an( identical) animal on Google no one knows what it is  and I have
 included that photo and one paw print that  was recovered not  faraway that l  think
 belongs to it . it measures approximately 6 inches across. their is the possibly of 3  of  these animal's
  in Australia what I lack is finances to buy a very good night camera and that would put me around 3 to 6 months or  less  of having  good videos  of at least the Black Panther
 people call this animal black panther because no other name appears to fit and I have proof
 that he is marsupial in the photo the way he swings his thumb back. and  it is okay to use
 the information I have sent you as you see fit  just keep my name out of it if  you know someone who might be interested financing the camera then I would be happy with 50-50
 some decent photos of these animals going about their business in the night time would be
 worth a fortune especially as they are unidentified predators that a lot of people see
 that they can't photograph with clarity   these  male animals are all very heavy in excess
 of 100   200+  kilos  they really compact the Earth where  there  foot lands and the impressions at clear as crystal
Felid ? Like movements.? Thermal Footage from Wayne Knight.Central Victoria.Guesstimated distance about 400 metres if you know what this is, please contact us. Wayne has forgotten more stuff about weirdness and cryptids than most of us will ever discover. A living legend in the crypto field in Australia.


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