Queensland Big cat Sighting

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At 7.15 am on Tuesday 27/2/07 I was approx 35 kms from ********* central Qld travelling north from *********. Out of the long grass approx 50 metres in front of me on the right hand side this black animal emerged. At first I thought it was a feral pig as there are many of them in this area. In two bounds it was across the road into the long grass on the other side. I would estimate its height at about that of a large alsation dog. It was jet black and very sleek and shiny as the sun was right on its coat. It had a tail which was nearly as long as its back stuck straight out and a slight curl up at the end. It was the closest thing I have ever seen to a Panther but I think more a little larger than a couger It had cat like ears and was very fast. I stopped the car and reversed up to where it crossed as I had a camera with me but it was gone the grass was very tall and very thick and scrub was near the side of the road I couldn’t see any footprints as the undergrowth was too dense.


Big Cats In Britain Year Book

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The yearbook will be ready for the beginning of March and available from the CFZ.

350 pages long and retailing at £12.50

5 toed prints

Odd looking prints taken by 2 different researchers in different locations in Victoria.

Dont poke a leopard with a stick

Big Cat ex-purr-ts can be MAD :)

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From a sociological perspective , "
big cat hunting" is fraught with gold for studying humans and how they interact,nearly as much as trying to study the elusive Australian big cats .
Who can be crazier than people claiming to see
big cats in Australia.
The "researchers" themselves.
Nutbag Number 1-Overseas desk bound "expert" claiming the
Gippsland Phantom Cat case did not have the tail examined by a scientist.When I replied that it was examined by a biologist at Melbourne Museum this "expert" replies "but he is not a vet".HUH.This "expert" actually thought his examination of a low resolution photo on the net was more logical than a biologist examining the tail.Last I heard from this no body..he had created a fake email and posted on a tiny board that I had claimed to had shot the animal but had been caught out...
Damn...caught out again.. :)
Thats the funniest "expert" we have cleaned up for awhile.
Nutbag number 2-Phones me up and claims to have 22 minutes of video of a jaguar and cubs in the australian bush....."this is worth big $$$" he says.So I drive a zillion miles and watch 2 seconds of a blob on a rock ...."guess I was a little over excited" nut bag number 2 says.But the classic line was as I was leaving.He looks at his arm, which had scars on it and say "sometimes when I experience something weird, to make sure I was not hallucinating I cut my arm..and if the cut is there later..It was reality".
Use a machete next time mate...
Nutbag 3-We filmed a large feral cat skin.I place the tape measure, on the flat skin and video the measurement. Nutbag 3 goes "dubious the way you filmed that".I ask it how they would have filmed it..silence.Then nutbag 3 goes"obviously faked the footage of the skull to make it look bigger".I post stills of the skull lying right next to the tape..nutbag 3 slithers off in silence.Truly scary out there in net land..the bush is saner.. :)

DPI nearly does the right thing

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The email below was sent around recently.Of course the DPI had lied and then tried to steal our data base of big cat witnesses off us.Which is surreal since they believe all the witnesses are liars or idiots anyway. They claimed we had mis-interpretated their email.

From: ********@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Meeting
***********, This meeting will have reps from DPI, DEC, Police, Council ,RLPB and local community reps. There still appears to be a number of sightings of this cat ( s). The sightings are still coming in and the most recent was in the last few weeks. I have spoken to ***************from DEC ( National Parks ) and he suggested that their Area Manager should be advised. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the need to advise the public of the sightings of the "black cat " in the area and what precautions should be taken ? At the end of the meeting all parties will have a clear understanding of each others role and function with this issue. The meeting will be held at " ************* " restaurant ************* Village on the 2nd Feb at 10.30am . See you there and feel free to pass this on to your other contacts that will be attending .
*************NSW DPIA/ Manager **********, ***** Street ********* NSW *********

Dunkeld "big cat" Footage

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Many people want to see good examples of Australian big cats.Well here is an excellent sequence showing a very big f.catus prowling around.

camera traps

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Gary Blount and I started a new experimental concept.
We are feeding a cat up in one area..then, we are going to set up
a game camera to catch the
Australian Big cats movements ..but with a difference.1/a vertical stake showing 500mm and 1 metre mark 2/horizontal stake to show depth 3/game camera video setup with longer wavelenght than is normally used so the animal does not react.By showing height/distance we reduce the arguments that sceptical viewers try and bring up.

Emmaville Big Cats

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Emmaville area in Northern NSW has a long history of
big cats starting in the early 1900`s.

Thanks to Tony Healy for the photo.!!

worlds biggest accepted fcatus

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Guiness Book of World Records The largest cat was "Himmy" from Australia, who weighed 21.3 kg and was 96 cm long.
Could a mutated version of this exist in the bush and really be an Australian big cat.
As well, we also appear to have an exotic species of big cat running around of course.!!

Ron Jones property

Large cat spotted in Appin

Strange encounters of the panther kind
29Jan 2007

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The mystery of a colossal cat seen roaming the region began to unravel last week as residents reported more panther sightings to the Macarthur Chronicle.
Wedderburn resident Ted Lalor, 70, said he and a neighbour saw a panther near their homes six months ago.
"The boys in Appin who saw the panther last week were fair dinkum," he said.
"I've shot feral cats before and there's no way a cat could grow to the size of the animal I'm talking about. Eventually someone will knock off one of these creatures, then people will finally believe they exist."
Two people who won't need much convincing are teenagers Emilly and Karrine.
Emilly said she saw the creature while riding her horse at Sugarloaf Horse Centre in Menangle.
"The first time I saw the panther, it chased me on my horse," she said.
"But I've seen it other times and it just hangs around then goes back into the bush. My friend Karrine told me she saw the same thing."
Other reports included Kelly, 29, who saw the big cat near the Broughton Pass in Appin, and Dale Shackleton who recalled a panther terrorising his Appin farm and the Inghams chicken sheds more than 30 years ago.
Cryptozoologist Mike Williams said scientists believed a breed of big cat existed in Australia but they were unsure whether it was a mutated feral cat, native, or an exotic cat, like a panther.
"There is something out there," he said. "Where there's smoke, there's fire. People don't just wake up in the morning with an urge to say they have seen a panther."
Mr Williams said big cats were among the best animals when it came to camouflage and were largely nocturnal.
"That humans see these creatures is not amazing - what is amazing is that we see them at all," he said.

Leopard Video

Photos by Bob McPherson cat photos

Bob McPherson from Victoria very kindly sent these shots of a cat that is pretty dam large that he photographed recently in Victoria. We have saved the best ones for our book about Australian big cats which should be out by December 2007.

Gone Missing-Trailer-Big Cat in OZ

"Gone Missing"-OZ horror big cat trailer is here.

1968 big cat newspaper clip

Another interesting historical newspaper report of australian big cats.
If anyone has any other examples then I would appreciate them sending them in.!!

British Big cat conference

Exclusive: The Unveiling of Photographic Evidence of an Unknown British Species
15th February 2007
(BCIB) Big Cats in Britain 1st Annual Big Cat Conference Hull East Yorkshire – 23rd 24th 25th March 2007
Leopards? Hybrids? or a relic, indigenous species that we never knew existed alongside us, ever since the Ice Age?
Veteran British big cat researcher Di Francis has decided to reveal photographic evidence showing a body of a large unknown cat found on a river estuary in Scotland.
Di said: “We have gone a long torturous route in identifying the reality of British big cats but now in the 21st century, the question is not are they here, but what are they?
“An elderly couple while walking along a beach near the river estuary in Oban, Scotland, found the body of a puma-sized silver grey female cat with a faint ginger stripe across its face and a white or cream chest; washed up on the beach.”
Di Francis will be revealing the photographs for the first time at the Annual Big Cats in Britain Conference held in Hull at the Dorchester Hotel on the weekend of the 24th March. Her new book Cat Country Revisited is soon to be published.
Conference organiser and Big Cats in Britain founder Mark Fraser said: “I have been aware of these photographs for several years but have not yet seen them, I am as eager as everyone else.
“Controversy is sure to arise at the conference which is attracting delegates from all over the country. Other speakers will include zoologist Chris Moiser, CFZ Director Jonathan Downes, police officers, researchers, authors, South African trackers, scientists, witnesses; all with one common aim which is to discover just exactly what large felines are roaming the British Isles.”
BCIB Argyllshire representative Shaun Stevens will also be presenting results of a year long study into exotic animals in the British Isles using data he received through the Freedom of Information Act. Shaun said: "There are many researchers out there desperate to view this ground breaking evidence. It could be a catalyst in changing the perception of the big cat phenomena in the UK for ever" Tickets for the full weekend are £20 - day tickets £14
For more information visit the www.bigcatsinbritain.org website or contact Mark Fraser on 01563 551710 – 07940 016972 Email: Bigcatsinbritain@btinternet.com
The event has a packed itinerary which also includes debates, film shows, a raffle, quiz, displays, stands and book stall.
A copy of the full itinerary can be sent out on request.

Kenthurst Big cat sighting 13 Feb 2007

Hills Shire Times Kenthurst ``big cat'' sighting Vanessa Massey 13Feb 07

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Footprint found at the Prof Bernard Bowd's Kenthurst property. The mysterious big cat of Kenthurst has been spotted again, with two sightings within two days at the same property. Professor Bernard Bowd who is confined to a wheelchair, said his carer Sukanya Harvey came to him on Tuesday and said she had seen a big cat down in the back paddock."I have been a resident of Kenthurst for the past 25 years and I have heard about this `big cat', but I had never known it to be seen on my property before - until now,'' Prof Bowd said.``I am just disappointed that I am in a wheelchair and could not go down to have a closer look myself.''Mrs Harvey said she saw a big cat make its way down to the dam at the back of the Kenthurst property at about 8pm on Monday.``I called my husband over to have a look also because it scared me a bit . . . we watched it for about 10 to 15 minutes,'' she said.``It was definitely bigger than a normal sized cat and had a big long sleek tail, Mrs Harvey said.``We watched it walk over to a sand patch in a neighbouring property and that was when my husband tried to go and get a closer look.''Mrs Harvey said when she woke up at about 6.30am the next day she saw it again sitting in the sand on the adjacent property and noticed it had scared her neighbour's horse away.

Big Cat sighting

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Hello I am writing to you, as I myself have encountered one these creatures,which at the time the only explanation for it was a PANTHER. We were camping at ******, at the main weir. ********* is about an hour out from *********** N.S.W. It was late that night, we had angel my dog with us, and our tent was about 200 ft away from us, the sky was full of stars that night and was eerily quiet.Suddenly angel starts barking and growling and we hear loud crashing noisesthrough the scrub, it sounds like a herd of kangaroos, angels growling tells me shes scared, as she wouldnt go and investigate and stayed right by side, I shine the torch light on to where the tent is, and I see something moving around the tent, as I look intently to the dark image all of a sudden I see eyes big green illuminating eyes staring into the torch light at this point it really gets my interest and then I see the shape of its body and its tail, just like a Panther, I said to my friend Bill look green eyes big green eyes, what the f.....! is that, he takes the torch and heads towards the tent, calling out to angel to go with him, she was barking continuously at this point, and had no intentions of following him, she was staying right by side, as if she knew what it was!! Bill was yelling at it, saying "oy get away" several times, then he got closer, and saw a closer image it sat on the crevice of the hill only metres away from him, he said as he shone the torch on it, it was sitting there just staring back at him with the big green eyes I was talking about, at this point Bill knew it didnt fear him,and then slowly turned turned away into the night. When Bill came back to me he was shaking and said it was like nothing hes ever seen out in the bush, we both described it as panther, Angel, Bill and I spent that night in the car, just completely flawed by what we had seen.The next morning we searched for footprints around the camp site where we saw it, but the ground was covered mostly in leaves and debri. I am glad we are not the only ones, to have seen this big cat, and ever since then have been interested in it, and its where abouts, There is a place called the ###### lakes in ########, which is where people go and feed the ducks, its out the south and have seen huge footprints in the mud of what looks like a big cat, A lot of ducks have gone missing, and the local security officer that locks the zinc lakes up at night claims the foxes come and eat them, I have seen several large bones scattered in a dark bushy area, this would be an ideal spot for the big cats to settle for awhile, as I dont think they would stay for a long period of time in one spot, they dont fear man, but I think they are smart enough to know not to attack man.Thank you for reading this, if I have any other conclusive proof of the panthers, I will let you know, I take my camera just about everywhere I go now.
Information about Australian big cats.

Sydney TV station chasing big cats

A tv station might be finally chasing some australian big cat stories in the next few weeks which should be interesting.
More information when it comes to light.

Catfight over data Base

Catfight over sightings database by Rebecca Lang
Hawkesbury Gazzette. Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The State Government has decided to take over the big cat database started by a group of concerned local residents, making it the first port of call for sightings made by members of the public.
But the move, panned as a ‘PR exercise’ in the lead-up to the State Election, has backfired badly after the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) reneged on a promise to issue public warnings about the cat.
Stakeholders were called to a meeting last week at Kurrajong’s Sassafras Creek Restaurant to discuss “the need to advise the public of the sightings of the ‘black cat’ in the area and what precautions should be taken”, according to a memo from the DPI’s Rob Williamson, acting manager of vertebrate pests.
Representatives from Windsor Police, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Rural Lands Protection Board and Hawkesbury City Council were all in attendance.
But at the meeting, DPI representatives expressed their desire to take over and control the database, which has been run by residents in tandem with Hawkesbury City Council for several years.
The database was started by Yarramundi’s Ken Pullen and Grose Vale’s Chris Coffey, and is currently maintained by East Kurrajong’s Karen Dolan, who interviews witnesses and records the sightings – which now number more than 260, at least four of them by DPI staff.
The trio – who have all seen the cat – agreed to the handover on the basis that a public warning would be issued this week alerting people living on Sydney’s fringe and regular users of national parks and reserves of the perceived ‘big cat’ threat.
But now they’re angry that the Department appears to have backed away from its promise after getting the database.
“If the DPI take over the database, it’s just going to go into a file,” Mrs Coffey said.
“They’ve done nothing with the database that they already have, which we gave them late last year.
"No one’s going to ring the DPI. People say ‘what’s the point? They’re not going to do anything’. And so far they haven’t.”
DPI spokeswoman Trudy Glasgow said while there had been discussions about warnings and signs in forested areas, nothing had been decided.
“It was really just an internal meeting to bring together people who are involved,” she said. “There’s ongoing discussion about whether there’s a need for signs.”
Council’s Chris Daley, the director of infrastructure services, first became enmeshed in the big cat saga eight years ago. He said at this stage Council was happy to relinquish control of the database.
“The cats been observed over a larger area than just the Hawkesbury, so it’s probably appropriate that a department that has representatives over a wider area handles enquiries,” he said.
“I would hope that they would continue to undertake the appropriate investigations of these reports.”
Big cat researcher Mike Williams said: “I’m not sure why they’re trying to acquire the database since they’ve already dismissed the sightings of 260 witnesses. They’ve also dismissed the opinions of scientists that the DPI hired who believe there is a breeding population of big cats in the Hawkesbury.”